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Vinyl banner ads can vary in size, technique, material, and image design.

The most common form of vinyl banners is a rectangular banner that is made on a vinyl base with the image applied to the surface using printing on a large format printer. Very often, at the request of the client, the vinyl banner is provided with grommets – for further convenient placement in the place necessary for the customer.

Banners are a fairly common element of outdoor advertising. Full-color printing using banners allows the most realistic display of colors and shades creating an attractive appearance. The durable fabric keeps texture and image quality fresh for months and years. We want to note that at the same time, the price of a banner is small relative to many other types of signs. In addition, ordering a banner at you can get it another 25% cheaper!

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These promotional tools allow businesses to appeal to a wide audience. The announcement will inform your customers about the opening of a store’s / brand’s entry into the market, which offers large-scale promotions. These tools will also allow you inexpensively conduct a long-running public relations campaign on a busy street by placing a banner for up to six months during summer with enough material with a density of 440 g / m², and 510 g / m² in winter. The repaired display case can be close to temporarily replace the signs on the facades for a short-term or interior placement, where a material with a density of 240-440 g / m² is suitable. Such banners can be placed a building’s façade.

Advantages of Advertising Banners:

These are advertising tools with proven effectiveness. Their advantages include:

  • operational production;
  • the image quality and detail are achieved due to full-color printing and low-visibility seams on brazed textiles;
  • wide audience coverage with banner placement that can reach 20-30,000 visual contacts per day;
  • the service life is 3 to 7 years, as the materials are resistant wear, durable, fire and moisture resistant;
  • simple installation and easy transportation.

Banners are the most popular type of advertising medium. They can be made from various materials, such as vinyl or polypropylene. In this article, we will talk about the main types of banners.

FrontLit reinforced vinyl banners

These are comprised of an opaque composite material for banners, representing a polyester mesh or loose polyester fabric, coated on both sides with plasticized vinyl and varnish. They are characterized by exceptional strength and dimensional stability and are designed for front lighting. Light transmission of the material is – approx. 10 %. In most cases, the vinyl banner has a one-sided or two-sided varnish coating that improves the adhesion of self-adhesive films. Vinyl banners are widely used in exhibition construction and in the design of retail spaces. They can also be used for the manufacture of mobile stands and theater decorations, street banners, billboards and firewalls.

Backlit reinforced vinyl banners

Backlit banner materials are intended for the production of illuminated advertising. They are a very convenient carrier due to their strength, dimensional stability, wear resistance and a wide range of roll widths. It is most rational to use translucent fabrics for the manufacture of extended light structures because, unlike plastics traditionally used for these purposes, joints on the illuminated surface can be avoided.

Like the frontlit banners, this material is a polyester mesh or a loose polyester fabric coated on both sides with translucent plasticized vinyl and varnish. The characteristic value of light transmission is 20-35%. Basically, backlit is a universal material and is suitable for application with translucent films from any manufacturer.

Reinforced vinyl block-out banners

Block-Out (or Black-Out) banners are composed of a material similar to Frontlit, but based on a black polyester mesh / fabric and designed for double-sided application (printing). Block-Out light transmission is 0%, which avoids the translucency of graphics pasted from different sides, made by films of even the brightest colors.

Polypropylene banners

Opaque, fairly thin, but strong banner material, these are preferred for indoor use. They can be hard or plastic. No surface treatment is required before printing. They are used for the manufacture of high-quality POS materials, elements of exhibition and museum design, and can serve as an advertising field for mobile stands.


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