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vinyl stickers

How much vinyl stickers in Vancouver cost?

Average market cost of vinyl stickers in Vancouver

ViewPrice vinyl stickers
2”x2” Vinyl Stickers0,84 CAD
2”x4” Vinyl Stickers1,68 CAD
4”x4” Vinyl Stickers3,24 CAD
4”x8” Vinyl Stickers6,48 CAD
8”x8” Vinyl Stickers12,96 CAD
12”x12” Vinyl Stickers29,16 CAD
2”x2” Die Cut Stickers0,91 CAD
2”x4” Die Cut Stickers1,80 CAD
4”x4” Die Cut Stickers3,60 CAD
4”x8” Die Cut Stickers7,20 CAD
8”x8” Die Cut Stickers14,40 CAD
12”x12” Die Cut Stickers32,40 CAD
2”x2” Laminated Stickers1,30 CAD
2”x4” Laminated Stickers2,57 CAD
4”x4” Laminated Stickers5,14 CAD
4”x8” Laminated Stickers10,27 CAD
8”x8” Laminated Stickers20,54 CAD
12”x12” Laminated Stickers46,22 CAD

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Our prices — the lowest prices for vinyl stickers

ViewPrice vinyl stickers
2”x2” Vinyl Stickers0,70 CAD
2”x4” Vinyl Stickers1,40 CAD
4”x4” Vinyl Stickers2,70 CAD
4”x8” Vinyl Stickers5,40 CAD
8”x8” Vinyl Stickers10,80 CAD
12”x12” Vinyl Stickers24,30 CAD
2”x2” Die Cut Stickers0,76 CAD
2”x4” Die Cut Stickers1,50 CAD
4”x4” Die Cut Stickers3,00 CAD
4”x8” Die Cut Stickers6,00 CAD
8”x8” Die Cut Stickers12,00 CAD
12”x12” Die Cut Stickers27,00 CAD
2”x2” Laminated Stickers1,08 CAD
2”x4” Laminated Stickers2,14 CAD
4”x4” Laminated Stickers4,28 CAD
4”x8” Laminated Stickers8,56 CAD
8”x8” Laminated Stickers17,12 CAD
12”x12” Laminated Stickers38,52 CAD

Vinyl Stickers: What is it?

Modern decorative stickers are the most vivid and colorful look that resembles advertising. They apply to printing to the maximum extent, because they are printed on various categories of printers. They are also made on the basis of a variety of materials for different purposes.

The main category of sticker base used:

  • paper of various densities and all categories,
  • plastic,
  • film of all types, and
  • fabric basis.

custom vinyl stickersAfter printing, many stickers and inscriptions go through the stages of trimming and finishing, because only in this way can you get sets of stickers that are diverse in their shape and size.

Basic typing of used stickers

All types of stickers that currently exist can be divided into several categories, based on their size and main operational purpose.

Basic categories of stickers:

  • Vinyl stickers. The main difference from most standard stickers is the high print quality and clarity of the image on a thin vinyl film. The scope of such stickers is extensive, they are applied both to the glass of cars and display cases, and to containers for food.
  • Water stickers or decal stickers. As a rule, this category is used in room design, manicure, and is even applied to the body, because this is the easiest way to create an independent, even and beautiful picture, but there are subtleties to this task. These stickers are pre-cut in a predetermined shape and gently lowered with tweezers into warm water for a few seconds. After the adhesive layer softens, the sticker is easily separated from the paper and transferred to the desired surface.
  • Volumetric and large stickers. To print this category, a special film is used for large-format images, with which you can glue all the free space. As a rule, this type of sticker is used for decoration of shop windows and shopping centers, without any information. And they can act as a full-fledged information banners, which contain information about services, products, discounts and sales you can learn about without visiting the store.
  • Image or funny stickers. They are the main attribute of branding of any shape and style. As a rule, these are bright stickers-logos of companies on specific topics, such as sports, music and movies. They carry a certain semantic load and can be placed in special albums or on souvenirs.
  • Self-adhesive stickers of information type. Their main purpose is to explain the general rules for the operation of objects or technical equipment. May be applied in the form of prohibitory or warning signs in public places.

It is worth highlighting a separate category of stickers for laptops and personal computers – stickers on the keyboard. Today, their assortment is constantly growing, because it has become popular and because of this, the acquisition of personal computing equipment and in online stores has become more frequent. This category of stickers is available on a wide variety of materials, but transparent vinyl stickers are considered the most durable in their operation.

Every day, going out into the street, one way or another, we come across this tool of advertising activity, which is perceived as an integral attribute of any category of goods.

Thanks to actively developing printing, stickers became the main assistants during the selection of goods. Their value is difficult to overestimate.

How does vinyl stickers work?

vinyl stickersWhat are vinyl stickers for?

How often do you want to make your favorite car, mobile gadget or any other item more original? Repainting a car is expensive and impractical to carry out every week, overhead panels and replaceable cases are additional costs, and far from everyone can afford the services of a professional interior designer. However, you don’t really need to spend a lot of time and money, because you can diversify the appearance of any items, large and small, with the help of decorative vinyl stickers.

Vinyl sticker – beauty and originality without extra costs.

Thanks to modern technology, self-adhesive images have long ceased to be a curiosity. You can use them not only for advertising purposes, but also to create your own style. Stickers can have any theme: from high technologies to zodiac signs, from popular movie heroes to patriotic characters. An assortment of stickers will delight any connoisseur of aesthetics, but if suddenly there is no suitable option, you can always order something unique.

There are several technical advantages of such stickers at once:

  • Ease of use. No need to go to the workshop or anywhere else to carry out complex technical manipulations. Take the sticker, stick it on and you’re done.
  • Security in every sense. Vinyl is an environmentally friendly material, it does not harm health, does not affect the functionality of objects and does not spoil glued surfaces.
  • Reliability and durability. High-quality stickers are able to withstand the effects of moisture and temperature changes, do not fade under sunlight and can remain unchanged in appearance for many months, or even years in a row.
  • Finally, technological simplicity makes the production of such stickers as cheap as possible, so you don’t have to spend much on this decor element. If you wish, you can paste on almost any surface, or you can change old stickers to new ones every week according to your mood.

Want to be more original? Be!

One fact of its existence, vinyl stickers refute the statement “Beauty requires sacrifice.” There is no need to sacrifice anything more: neither money, nor time, nor convenience. Just imagine that the image that you like and set you apart in the crowd will be proudly show off on a car, on a laptop, on a phone, on a case, on the front door or on glass – now it will be easy to stand out from the gray mass.

Would you like to tell everyone what your zodiac sign is? Do you want to find like-minded people by interests or Internet users who are sitting on the same social network as you? Strive to support patriotic moods or express your hobbies publicly? With a decorative sticker to make it easier than ever. In addition, losing your phone among similar models, confusing your case with a colleague’s case or incorrectly specifying your window in a high-rise building will simply be impossible.

Stickers for all occasions – embodied versatility

It’s not so easy to immediately come up with where you can’t stick a sticker. Perhaps the exceptions are only fur carpets, rough and fleecy surfaces, as well as objects with too complex shapes. Otherwise, there are no restrictions: vinyl is easily fixed on metal and glass, on plastic and on tile, on porcelain and on solid polymers. Putting the desired image on the car, on the computer, on the phone and on many other objects is not a problem. You can even glue safely on some types of clothing.

The versatility of vinyl stickers is embodied in several pleasant things:

  • You can either choose a sticker specifically for the item, or first purchase a sticker, and then decide where to stick it.
  • The sizes are almost unlimited, just like the shape – you can order both an elegant compact sticker and a real vinyl “banner.”
  • There are a lot of ready-made options, but if you want your sticker to be guaranteed unique, you can use the custom-made service.

Modern achievements are not only high technologies, but also pleasant trifles. Vinyl stickers for decoration for all occasions are a great way to show your originality without sacrifices and without extra expenses.

When was it first created?

Vinyl StickersSuch an industry as printing was born over 5 centuries ago. From a primitive handwritten copy of the originals, not only a cost-effective production model was formed, but also one of the most important areas for disseminating information. The formation of printing was not easy, as influential and wealthy people did not want to put up with change and in every way counteracted the formation and development of new printing houses. Despite numerous difficulties, printing gained the right to life, made an indelible imprint on science, economics and production, allowed low-income and impoverished people to learn about the latest events in the world and society from newspapers, expand their horizons through reproducing literary publications, and also familiarize themselves with the latest advances in science and technology. Polygraphy has made a huge contribution to the history of mankind, but in order to find the form in which it is now located, it had to fall and get up many times, make mistakes and try to wedge itself into the constantly changing life course.


Vinyl stickers have many advantages over standard ones. Among the most important distinguishing characteristics are the following:

– Reasonable price

Compared to standard stickers, vinyls are distinguished by their reasonable price category. Photowall-paper and methods of art painting are characterized by a rather high price, which not everyone can afford. Vinyl stickers are in no way inferior in beauty to expensive goods, but their price is much lower.

– Ease of use

Our products are so easy to use that even children can handle the gluing process. The only condition is a perfectly smooth wall, so that the products fit well. We advise you to avoid wallpaper with a large relief of its surface.

– Simplicity of leaving

Our products will not bring you the hassle of thorough and accurate care. Vinyl products have just wonderful performance, which makes it easy to wipe the stained pattern with a damp cloth. Moreover, vinyl is not afraid of exposure to various negative environmental factors, therefore, the possibility of peeling products under the influence of direct sunlight or high humidity is completely excluded.

– A wide variety of types

We offer our customers stickers that will look beautiful in the nursery, bedroom, living room, kitchen and even the corridor. A wide selection of assortments will help to create an enchanting style of the interior, which will emphasize the individuality of your taste preferences. Classical and romantic style, bright and austere, with intricate performance and in the form of funny animals. We offer products that everyone will definitely like!

– Image integrity

Our stickers have an amazing ability to completely merge with the finishing lines, forming a thin and even coating. It seems that the patterns are part of the wallpaper. This allows you to decorate the walls with interesting solutions that can be changed each time, supplementing the existing collection with new drawings.

The main advantages of vinyl stickers on cars:

  • Easy to apply, so everyone can use them.
  • This type of stickers is waterproof, they will not be washed off by rain, snow or during washing.
  • Made from safe materials.
  • Service lines are not limited.
  • The ability to hide a defect or scratch.
  • Universality of application (glued to any flat surface: glass, metal, wood, ceramics, plastic, stone, paper).
  • Do not give in to mechanical influences and protects the car from damage.
  • Resistant to sunlight, ultraviolet.
  • Easily tolerate temperature extremes, winter frosts and summer heat.

The originality of the decor of stickers is so popular that they are often used for advertising.

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