Lawn Signs

Lawn Signs

Lawn Signs – cheaper than anywhere else!
Do you want to save up to 25% when ordering a lawn sign?
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Our company operates in the Metro Vancouver Area. The main type of our activity is full-color large-format printing on an eco-solvent printer, the manufacture of signage. Thus, we create finished products using special materials. Finished products can be of any shape in colors and sizes. Nevertheless, one of the most common orders that we have from our customers is an order for the manufacture of 4 millimeter lawn signs.
The main reason for this popularity of this type of product is that they are very affordable. And at the same time, they solve many problems of promotion. Starting from making personal lawn signs when someone can congratulate a friend on getting a college diploma including a stunningly wide range of public and commercial uses. As you yourself can judge by the appearance of the place where you live, realtors and use by political parties are of course in the first place. During political campaigns, it can be difficult to find a free spot on the lawn in order to put another sign there. The client can order us a sign in one color, two colors, three colors or in full color.

Popular sizes:
12 x 18
18 x 24
24 x 36

Sometimes a customer orders a super large lawn sign measuring 4 by 8 feet. Which require for the installation of the manufacture of the frame from wooden structures 2s4.

Product Features
In the vast majority of cases, 4 mm coroplast is used as the basis material for the manufacture of lawn signs. That is what provides the main feature of this type of signage – their low cost with quite acceptable quality. brightness and visibility on the street.
A high-quality vinyl film with a pre-applied image is rolled onto a coroplast base.

The finished product weighs 1, 87 pounds per square foot
Printing method: Eco solvent four colors. Print is weather resistant.
For short-term actions lasting up to 6 months, you can safely use lawn signs without additional lamination. This is quite enough to conduct an advertising campaign for a political leader, to make a congratulatory event for the newlyweds, or to announce a sale in the backyard.
Subject to lamination and proper care, the shelf life is more than 2 years.

As we said above, the main two types of clients who use the signs of the lawn are politicians and real estate companies.
In addition, lawn signs are often ordered by companies selling land. In this case, these signs are placed so that they can be seen by both passers-by and drivers.
Lawn signs are also in demand for landscape companies. What could be better advertising than a similar sign if it is installed opposite a beautiful garden. And on this sign of the lawn are the contacts of the professional gardener who created this landscape.

In addition, marketing agencies use lawn signs for various purposes and use in various promotions.

Security companies using lawn signs warn potential ill-wishers that this facility is under protection. This is not only advertising, but also a good way to deter criminals.

General contractors, construction companies, use such 4-by-8-foot signs for information on zoning changes for a given site.


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