Yard Signs

Yard Signs

Yard signs – cheaper than anywhere else!

Do you want to save up to 25% when ordering yard signs?
We produce cheap but quality yard signs. With Quarter Cheaper Signs, you can save up to a quarter of average market Metro Vancouver prices!

Are you considering a method to market business event, political campaign or Vancouver event?

It’s will a great option to start with a yard sign. Yard sign are technically also recognized as bandit sign or coroplast which is remarkable method to advertise about an event and giving information to the readers.

They are very famous in political gatherings, for example while campaigning for your famous candidate.

Quarter Cheaper Signs provides the fastest and economical solution for your yard sign solution. Equipped with high-tech tools and machine, customized engineering methods that allows to craft any kind of banner, signage or yard signs that pertaining to promotional event, business events and tradeshows.

If you are interested in economical yet creative way to advertise in the area of Vancouver, or political event campaign or get attention for new opportunity of business or sale. Yard signs are great way to advertise and they are good attraction especially for those who doesn’t pay attention to signs. This is low on budget and signs that are made from polystyrene foam are a great way to attract in campaigns and political event.

Big and Indisputable advantages of small courtyard signs.

Absolutely precisely that you saw them tens and hundreds of thousands of times. Often they suddenly, overnight, appear all over the city, at popular intersections and lawns, advertising information about candidates from a political party before the election. Sometimes they can advertise a local business or cafe for years. In the construction area, you will find information on general contractors on such signs – in this case, these yard signs can be large – 4 by 8 feet and even more. Without exaggeration, we can say that courtyard signs are a popular effective and most importantly affordable marketing tool that is used for a very large number of occasions and business sectors.

Amazing availability.
In the manufacture of courtyard signs, a durable and inexpensive coroplast is used. This is corrugated plastic, its structure is similar to cardboard. Yard signs are definitely one of the most, and probably the most cost-effective and affordable solution in the signage business. On the basis of coroplast, it remains only to apply a vinyl film on a self-adhesive layer. On which before this, an image in full color was printed on an eco-solvent printer. Typically, the image is placed on both sides (if we are talking about small signs). The use of eye-catching design and bright colors guarantee the visibility of your ad and the return on the funds that you invested in its manufacture

Unique durability.
Coroplast has a very nice cost we talked about this above. But this does not end its pleasant side. To all its simplicity, it is a very durable material. He is able to withstand adverse weather for a long time, such as rain, snow, sun, and so on. That is why these signs can be outdoors for a very long time even without additional lamination. In the case of lamination, the durability of your yard sign increases by an order of magnitude.

Very easy installation.
Coroplast the basis for the courtyard sign is a very lightweight material. As a rule, courtyard signs are equipped with wire legs, and in order to install it, it is enough to stick these legs into the ground of the lawn. The child can cope with this. That is why very often organizations using unskilled volunteers and experiencing a lack of time, solve the problems of urgent installation of advertising with the help of yard signs. The large signs that construction companies usually use are 4×8 feet in size, of course, is more difficult to install. Nevertheless, any person can handle this if at least once in his life he holds a hammer and nails in his hands.

The main sizes of courtyard signs
Our company will make you a courtyard sign of any size. However, you must keep in mind that if you want to get a yard sign more than 4 by 8 feet, your sign will have to be composed of several parts. But such a situation is rare. More often, courtyard signs make small sizes 24 by 18 inches. But they do a lot at once. By increasing the frequency, dotting all the lawns near the intersections with signs, you get effective information to the target audience.

Powerful Marketing Tool
Due to its affordability and ease of use, thanks to the courtyard sign, you can be very flexible with the prompt and strategic placement of your signage. By investing minimal funds in courtyard signs you can attract the attention of a huge number of people. And it really will allow you to successfully and effectively promote your business or organization.

Our company is actively prepared to give economical and quickest options in Vancouver Metro surround for manufacturing lawn signs. Our signs are the best and most affordable solution that get help you in getting the right customer and right audience.

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