Sidewalk Signs

Sidewalk Signs

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If you are an owner of a retail business or a restaurant, then you probably don’t see the need of having another sign, besides the current one you already have. However, having another sign can catch a potential customer’s eye. People are probably walking on the sidewalk, and passing by your store without any knowledge of what you might be selling. Mostly, people do not even glance up; however, they can easily see a sidewalk sign since they are in that person’s line of vision. Hence, it never hurts to add in that extra advertising because of this very factor, for instance using A-frame signs or sandwich board signs.

When it comes to sidewalk signs, we have a massive collection of more than a hundred styles, with wheels for easy transportation, springs that are wind-deflecting, and a fold-flat design. Certain models are more suitable for specific applications or industries. However, all of these movable outdoor signs have a similar purpose, and that is to attract individuals to your business or shop by advertising or displaying your name. Plus, you can also attract potential customers with different sales promotions.

• The Various Style Of Sandwich Boards And A-Frame Displays

1. Sidewalk signs made from plastic are manufactured in the standard folding A-frame design by using rugged polyethylene. One of their greatest strength is that they are extremely durable and can survive through harsh exterior environments. Plus, they do not splinter or dent, which makes them an ideal signage choice for garages, parking lots, construction zones, and valet services.

2. Sidewalk signs made from metal come in different versions and a popular one among them are the snap-open frames made from aluminum. They are made to display posters behind protective and clear lenses. The framing’s four sides flip open so you can easily change the graphics. Another version is the A-frame made from steel that has magnetic lenses that easily attach on to its steel backer. This is definitely an improvement in its appearance, as compared with its plastic counterpart. These metal signs are styled better when it comes to the overall presentation.

3. Another highly-popular sidewalk signs are the changeable letter board signs. With these signs, the shop owner has multiple lines and space available where they can write their own custom text that is easily readable and alluring enough as an advertisement. Each of these pavement signs come with their own sets of numbers, symbols, and letters that can be used multiple times to either advertise new arrivals or promote a sale.

4. Marker boards for the sidewalk are generally used by the industry of food service. Due to their dark surface for writing and the wooden framing, these board works perfectly when it comes to advertising food for a restaurant or prices during the happy hour in a pub or bar. The person responsible for writing these messages can use puns, catchy phrases, or any other snippets in order to attract customers inside. If not that then at least those phrases might make someone smile and they might end up posting a picture of that board on their social media, which will further help with marketing.

5. Venues that use outdoor advertising will find wind-resistant signs more beneficial as compared to others. Plus, swinger signs have support bars that are horizontal or hanging hooks, while the T-style models and fillable base models consist of base springs. Inside the first one or two lines, there is an option to add more weight to its base by using water or sand. If your business is located in a place that is always windy then an outdoor curb sign or pavement sign is your best option. That additional weight will help in keeping the portable display stable and upright, which is an important consideration when it comes to the safety of the pedestrians who will walk by it.

6. Yard stakes and frames for real estate are popular and great options when it comes to outdoor uses. Realtors are known to use portable signs in order to advertise a property listing or open house. These signs generally are available in folding A-frames that can be stowed away easily inside their car’s trunk and taken out for a quick set up whenever needed. Moreover, businesses use the economical options of yard stakes to temporarily display their signs. These yard stakes come in an H-shape design and are made from thick steel. A plastic sign is slid over the top of its two spikes and it’s fixed in that position. This option is affordable for yard-related services, for instance, fertilizing companies or landscaping. Plus, they are also used throughout the election year to display a political slogan.

Furthermore, despite being an easy option, there might be certain restrictions when you are looking to promote your business using a sign displayed outdoors. It is advised to be aware of all of the zoning laws of the local jurisdiction and everything that comes with it, regarding their application and use. Since these laws are different for every city or town, it is best to know your limitations before displaying a sign.

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