Sandwich Boards

Sandwich Boards

How much Sandwich Boards in Vancouver cost?

Average market cost of Sandwich Boards in Vancouver

ViewPrice Sandwich Boards without laminatedPrice Sandwich Boards with laminated
Sandwich Boards 18”x24”
4mm Coroplast + metal
88,20 CAD109,20 CAD
Sandwich Boards 24”x36”
4mm Coroplast + metal
167,70 CAD193,90 CAD
Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)
Sandwich Boards 18”x24”
98,70 CAD119,70 CAD
Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)
Sandwich Boards 24”x36”
185,40 CAD211,70 CAD

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Our prices — the lowest prices for Sandwich Boards

ViewPrice Sandwich Boards without laminatedPrice Sandwich Boards with laminated
Sandwich Boards 18”x24”
4mm Coroplast + metal
67,20 CAD83,20 CAD
Sandwich Boards 24”x36”
4mm Coroplast + metal
127,80 CAD147,80 CAD
Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)
Sandwich Boards 18”x24”
75,20 CAD107,70 CAD
Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)
Sandwich Boards 24”x36”
141,30 CAD161,30 CAD

Sandwich BoardsA sandwich board sign is one of the available and at the same time effective types of outdoor advertising. It can be used as a pointer, decorative element and information board, attracting many clients, as experienced entrepreneurs note. But not all businessmen, especially beginners, clearly realize the potential of this advertising structure. Consider the pros and cons, their types and features. The article will help determine whether such elements of outdoor sandwich board signs are effective specifically for your business.

What is a Sandwich board?

A Sandwich board is called a remote structure that is fixed on four metal legs. The device consists of special plastic or metal sheets acting as a carrier of information about the enterprise, store or company.

The sheets must contain information about the name of the outlet, mode of operation and contacts. In order for the pillars to work more effectively as an advertising medium, in addition to the basic information, they have a list of services provided, a slogan and a bright image that attracts attention.

The advertising pillar is installed on the street, near the entrance to the premises where the advertised store, company or enterprise is located, or inside it. Thanks to mobility, the structure is easy to remove at night to ensure its safety.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the sandwich board signage are as follows:

  • Reasonable price in comparison with many other types of outdoor advertising – for example, with billboards and extensions.,Sandwich Boards
  • Ease of installation – no need to spend money on installation.
  • Mobility – if necessary, the rack can be moved to another place.
  • Compact – you can place the design anywhere.
  • Passive advertising element – you pay for the pillar only once, maintaining an attractive appearance requires minimal effort.
  • Updatability – depending on the format of the shield, you can change the information posted on it and attach sheets with descriptions of discounts or new promotions.
  • Long service life – the design is made of metal or plastic, so it retains an aesthetic appearance for a long time.

This type of advertising has its drawbacks. In particular, pillars need to be taken out every day and brought back into the room. If the structure is not properly fixed, it may fall, due to which the material may crack, if the surface is not pre-laminated. The shield must be regularly washed and cleaned. Promotional material may be vandalized even in the middle of the day.

As you can see, most of the shortcomings of the sandwich signage are associated with its location. However, almost all outdoor advertising media are exposed to external factors.

What business will benefit from using the pillar?

Pillars are an effective promotion tool for small enterprises of almost any profile – small shops, kiosks, offices of medium-sized companies. They bring results if you fix the structure on the sidewalk directly near the outlet or office.

Using an advertising pillar, you can attract customers to the following organizations:

  • Beauty salons, manicure studios,Sandwich Boards
  • Jewelry stores,
  • Clothing and footwear boutiques,
  • Pastry shops and coffee houses,
  • Bars, cafes, restaurants,
  • Grocery stores, home goods stores,
  • GYMs,
  • Massage parlors,
  • Studio for tailoring,
  • Pet shops,
  • Real estate agency,
  • Travel agencies,
  • Photo studios, and
  • Pawnshops and others.

However, when it comes to a large enterprise, this type of advertising will not bring the expected effect. So, the pavement sign is unlikely to be useful for advertising an educational institution, manufacturing enterprise, large fitness center or sports club, gas station.

In general, such a design can serve as a good advertising tool only if it does not seem tiny compared to your premises. If you place a pillar next to a huge construction store, they simply will not notice it. For such enterprises, it is better to use billboards and banners.

Pillar Types


Pillars are conventionally divided into 2 groups, while the format does not exclude the possibility of combining different options.

Pavement boards

These are constructions on which you can write in chalk. Due to this feature, the process of promoting special offers, promotions, and discounts is simplified, because their conditions change regularly.

Boards are often used by cafes and restaurants. With their help, passers-by are informed about the ongoing action for the dishes of the day. In addition, it is convenient to place announcements of upcoming events on such structures that can attract customers, for example, displays of sports matches in a bar.

The main disadvantage of pillar-boards is instability to weather conditions. Rain can simply wash away all information from the shield. The problem is easily solved, for example, by placing the structure under the visor of the building in bad weather.

Two-sided arches

Inscriptions and images are applied to the arch in finished form, usually using a special film that is resistant to moisture and fading. Choosing this type of advertising pillar, you don’t have to worry that the ads placed on it will be blurred during the rain or the colors will lose their original brightness.

Before ordering such a design, you should carefully consider the text and choose the right image. Some entrepreneurs prefer to post neutral information on it, so that it can be supplemented with relevant inscriptions at any time. New inscriptions are also made on film, most often with a self-adhesive base.

Number of parties

In addition to the presented classification, the sandwich sign can be divided into subspecies according to the number of parties used for advertising: single and double-sided. One-sided models contain one advertising field. They are ordered when it is assumed that the second side will be hidden from the eyes of passers-by.

Double-sided racks are more popular. They differ from one-sided ones only in that they have two advertising fields.

The form

Designs can vary in shape: the shield can be made rectangular or arched. In addition, it is possible to manufacture non-standard models in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

What is important to pay attention to when ordering a pillar?

To advertise on the pillar, you need to consider the following points:

  • Installation location. The design should be clearly visible from pedestrian areas, but do not interfere with passers-by. It is not recommended to place the pillar close to the sign so that its effectiveness is not lost.
  • Pay special attention to color design: the more contrast in colors, the more attention the shield will attract. It is important to think about the size of the font, because the text should be visible from afar. People passing by will not stop just to read the information printed on the billboard.
  • Information posted. Do not try to place all information about the company on sandwich board advertising Leave the catchiest offers. If your company has its own logo, it should be as visible as possible on the billboard. Keep the information up to date: notify passers-by about new offers, current promotions and discounts.

Sandwich board signs near me: Frequent questions

Our customers often ask a lot of questions. We decided to answer some of the most frequent ones.

Question: Why do people use these particular designs?

Answer: For many reasons. And this is not only a list of advantageous characteristics: easy installation, low weight, low price, etc. With the help of such designs, it is easy to attract the attention of people passing by. A part of the people passing by become clients of the business whose advertisement they see on their way. In addition, if you use sandwich boards for sale, you can quickly convey important business information to potential customers. With their help, you can organize advertising of new offers, make advertisements for promotions, discounted goods. The same designs often serve to attract attention to a business that has just opened, for example, a new cafe or restaurant.

Question: Do you need any special permission to install advertising structures such as sandwiches?

Answer: It depends on the placement of a regular or digital sandwich board. If this is a main street, and you want to place an advertising structure near the road, you need to consult local authorities whether this can be done and how to do it.

Question: If it rains can a pvc sandwich board with an advertisement printed on its surface withstand the effects of water?

Answer: Of course. These products are made of materials that can withstand weather conditions in difficult conditions. Do not worry about the rain harming the colorful design of the advertisement. For applying information, special inks are used. They cannot be washed off by water. If necessary, a laminator is used if you need to further protect the printed advertisement.

Question: Does the metal sandwich board rust under the influence of moisture?

Answer: No. For the manufacture of outdoor structures, aluminum is often used. It does not rust. In addition, it is light in weight. If even some elements of the board are made of another metal (the same mounts), then they can be made of stainless steel. In both cases, the metal does not deteriorate when exposed to moisture.

Question: What needs to be considered in the design of the advertising board?

Answer: Before making a plastic sandwich board, you must carefully consider the design. Here are some tips:

  • Use clear fonts and write short sentences with a clear semantic load;
  • Choose bright, but simple viusals in your graphics — pictures will help make advertising more effective;
  • Try to include unusual text blocks in poetic form.

In general, creative design often gives a very good result. In addition to the fact that people notice the original advertising, they also take pictures of it and share their photos on social media.

Question: What is the production time for plastic or aluminum sandwich boards?

Answer: These promotional products are simple in design. Professionals do not need to spend a lot of time on their production. Therefore, you can not only quickly order such a product, but also in the shortest amount of time possible receive finished products. Of course, the technical features of the future design influence the production period. If you decide to order a digital model, it may take a little more time to complete your order.

Question: Can folding structures stand on the sidewalk in the wind?

Answer: Custom sandwich board signs made of quality materials by experienced and responsible craftsmen will stand firmly on the sidewalk in the wind. However, sustainability also depends on the features of the advertising structure itself. When it unfolds, its legs rest against the road surface and create a certain resistance. This resistance allows the structure to stand in the wind. However, we do not recommend experimenting, In strong winds it is better to remove folding outdoor advertising.

Sandwich board: What affects the price?

The sale price of the custom sandwich boards consists of several factors, so it is usually not fixed. The following parameters affect the cost:

  • Number of parties – a two-sided model will cost more than a one-sided one.
  • Fabrication material – metal or aluminum structures of sandwich board are more expensive compared to plastic analogues.
  • Printing features – printing on the shield can be black and white or color, it is also possible to apply information using film.

Please note: if you contact a company for which the manufacture of pillars is not related to the profile services, the order will cost you more.

Is it possible to order outdoor advertising in the form of double-sided folding structures cheaply? You can, but you need to appeal to those who have been making quality products for many years. Experience allows us to reduce production time, choose simpler but more effective technologies and use weather-resistant materials that are cheaper. The result is a reduction in the cost of the finished product. Customers get the opportunity to order outdoor advertising cheaper.

How to order?

It is quite difficult to make a custom sandwich board yourself without special equipment. Therefore, businessmen turn to advertising companies that manufacture outdoor advertising of varies types like PVC, aluminum, metals or even digital sign boards. When contacting specialists, the customer needs to be prepared to discuss the nuances with the designer so that the finished design meets the individual requirements of the business and turns out to be visually attractive.

Turning to Quarter Cheaper Signs, you can order different advertising designs:

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