Pylons signs

Pylons signs

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Pylons signs: what is it?

Pylons signs – advertising constructions. Often, they can be seen near roads. Such advertising is an excellent solution for promoting any business. These signs are rather big in sizes. Advertising is visible from afar. If Pylons signs have a bright, catchy design, then attracting the attention of potential customers is doubly guaranteed.

Design features

Pylons signs have:

  • One or two supports that are firmly fixed in the ground, usually using cement mortar,
  • The frame’s upper part is made of aluminum or steel, and
  • A rigid or flexible surface that is fixed in the frame.

Pylons signs can be lit using lamps, such as LEDs. Models of such designs may not have a backlight.

What are they used for?

In most cases, Pylons signs are made in a corporate style. Typically, these structures indicate that the company to which the structure belongs is located nearby. This is a great way to remind yourself, and unobtrusively.

Pylons signs: price

The price of such advertising structures may be different. The cost of Pylons signs depends on many points:

  • Dimensions of the structure,
  • Type of materials that are selected for manufacture,
  • The presence or absence of backlight, and
  • Design features.

It is important that the Pylons sign is made from high quality materials. Only in this case will it be possible to produce a structure that will last for many years and perform its functions without losing its original characteristics.

Important! Pylons sign must be firmly fixed during installation. Otherwise, the structure will not withstand strong winds and will fall. Since this is a heavy construction, its fall can cause injuries to people passing by, as well as damage to property, for example, nearby cars.

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