Lighted Signs

Lighted Signs

Lighted Signs – cheaper than anywhere else!

Do you want to save up to 25% when ordering an illuminated sign?
We produce cheap but quality lighted signs. With Quarter Cheaper Signs, you can save up to a quarter of average market Metro Vancouver prices!

If you are a business that is working hard in order to beat the competition, then there is a way for you to outshine everyone else. And that way is to use custom-made lighted signs.
• Custom-made Channel Letters That Are Illuminated
These lighted signs are available in various styles, shapes, and types. You can use lighted signs across your whole business. There are numerous companies out there that are using some sort of lighted sign or backlit sign. Even though lighted signs, like the ‘Emergency Exit’ sign are commonly seen in any business location within Vancouver, signs like these can be utilized in various sectors and industries.
We here at Quarter Cheaper Signs can create custom-made illuminated signs, whether it’s for lobbies, shopfronts, or any other specific location within your company. We provide a high-quality service that will meet the needs of your company, and be within your financial budget. We work hard when it comes to being the only provider for all of your sign needs, for both promotion and identification purposes.
• LED Signs
If you are looking to get the traditional and standard neon sign for your business, then you will be happy to know that not only is it possible, but these signs are now installed using reduced-energy and high-efficiency LED bulbs. With these LED lighted signs, you will achieve a vibrant retro feel and they are friendlier for the environment.
These LED lighted signs come with sign applications of various types, besides the traditional looking neon signs. For instance, using channel lettering on cabinet signs can be beneficial when used with any kind of backlighting. Moreover, a lighted sign is extremely useful for businesses that are open very late or even throughout the whole night; for instance, late-night hotels, gas stations, restaurants, convenience grocery shops, nightclubs, and theaters.
We offer a service where you can get your very own custom-made LED lighting signage, all according to your preference. Plus, you have the option to choose from different colours, animation options, and styles.
• Lighted Signs For The Indoors
The outdoors is not the only place where LED lighted signs are used, in fact neon-lighted signs and LED signs can also prove to be a great choice when used indoors; for instance, as a ‘Closed’ or ‘Open’ sign. Additionally, there are various other ways through which these signs can easily be incorporated in order to promote your business. For instance, a restaurant might want to make it easier for their customers to know how to navigate the area by placing the ‘Ordering’ and ‘Pickup’ signs above their respective sections by using lighted signs.
The trained designers and specialist staff of our company will work endlessly in order to fulfill all of your lighted sign wishes, by creating signs that are custom-made according to your needs and preferences.
• Electronic And Digital Message Centers
If you are a company that is about to enter a service that is digitally focused, then we here at Quarter Cheaper Signs are willing to make for you a programmed and customised electronic message center signage with LED. This striking sign can either be used separately or as a part of various other signs; for instance, when placed at the shopfront.
Furthermore, this electronic message center comes with various advantages when compared with the standard neon signs. You can add you own customised messages and update them whenever you need to. Plus, you can use any colour to display your messages. Moreover, certain models also have the option of displaying a lot of eye-catching colourful images.

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