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Statistics confirm that seven out of ten buyers make a purchasing decision after encountering an advertisement. A sign can be an effective means of attracting customers, especially if it is noticeable around the clock.

LED signs works without a break, in contrast to advertising without backlighting. Light fulfills its role in the dark (which occurs in winter at 5 p.m., lasting almost until 9 a.m.). LED signs similarly causes a conditioned reflex in the viewer who noticed it. The brighter the light and the more active the paint, the more insistent the voice of advertising calls. And letting the maximum number of people know about your offer is almost certainly fulfilling the mission of turning a passer-by into a buyer.

Tasks of light advertising

  • Image – emphasize brand recognition.
  • Navigation – orient potential consumers in the right direction.
  • Information – provide information about the product and the company.

The most impressive light advertising modules are created using LED backlighting. The brightness of high-quality LEDs is literally striking, and they are unaffected by fog or cloudy weather.

Standing out against competitors is one of the sure-fire ways to draw attention to your product or service. LED signs provides the visual surge that makes a potential consumer turn around and take a closer look. LED monitors, luminous displays and running lines are all carriers of information that will be deposited in the subconscious mind and prompt buyers into action at the right time.

LED signs are in demand in various business areas. SPA, salons, shopping and entertainment centers, boutiques, night clubs, gas stations, banks, pharmacies are not without small but very diligent LEDs working tirelessly everywhere.

What is an LED?

An LED (light-emitting diode) is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current is passed through it in the forward direction. Until 1968, LEDs were terribly expensive; just one cost $200. In the 1990s, three Japanese researchers managed to invent a cheap light-emitting diode and won a Nobel Prize for it. It was then that the era of mass practical application of LEDs began.

Advantages of LEDS

  • Brightness: 146 lumens per watt.
  • Compact sizes allowing for a variety of even, miniature installations.
  • Durability of 34 years with operation 8 hours a day or 11 years with continuous glow (no filament and glass parts).
  • Invulnerability to on / off processes, where these standard actions adversely affect incandescent and discharge lamps.
  • Turn on immediately, unlike fluorescent lamps, flashing up in a few minutes.
  • Safety: Do not heat up when lit. Receiving only 12 volts, it cannot cause a fire when shorted, unlike incandescent, fluorescent, and neon lamps.
  • Low power consumption, 10 – 15 watts, while neon lamps consume from 50 watts.
  • Uninterrupted operation at low and high temperatures.
  • Environmentally friendly, unlike fluorescent lamps (does not include mercury and phosphorus).
  • Low price.

The LED is very reliable ad is virtually unbreakable eve after a fall. It does not burn out due to power surges and moisture has no effect, so there will be no short circuit if water gets on the LED. True, the wires must be protected from water anyway.

LED signs is unpretentious. Service after installation can be reduced to replacing the LEDs, but this point does not come until after several years of operation. Another important plus is that if one LED in the advertising module suddenly stops working, “the squad does not notice the loss of a fighter,” and the sign or light box will shine as if nothing had happened.

RGB clusters and management controllers

An LED cluster is a system of LEDs working together under a controller and works as a “single organism.” Due to the use of LEDs in the RGB cluster (R – red, G – green and B – blue), various lighting effects occur. You can smoothly change color, arrange a “run of lights” and do various other tricks that cannot be performed by neon tubes or fluorescent lamps.

LED signs

LED technology is available to everyone: there are flashlights for children, lamps in chandeliers, and much more. Having proved their effectiveness and efficiency in lighting rooms, in the headlights of cars, in traffic lights, road signs and street lamps, LEDs smoothly migrated to the decorative area. Architectural illumination appears on old buildings, trees on boulevards sparkle with colorful lights, signboards, shields and displays shine on facades and sidewalks.

Types of LED signs:

  • LED light boxes (lightboxes).
  • LED light panels: framelight, acrylic light.
  • LED light channel letters.
  • A LED message board.

LED Lightbox

Inside the box there are LEDs; on the front, there is a poster under acrylic milk glass or an image on banner fabric (for especially large light boxes). The standard dimensions of the light box depend on the unified poster format: 180 x 120 cm, 150 x 70 cm, 120 x 90 cm, 60 x 60 cm. The size of the LED light box determines the thickness of the acrylic glass used: from 3 to 5 mm. Lightboxes can be single and double-sided. A double-sided box is used for the largest city lights formats or a design in the form of a “flag” attached to a wall perpendicularly.

LED Framelight

This is a very thin (35 mm thick) one-sided or two-sided acrylic panel with frontal illumination, framed by an aluminum profile with built-in LEDs. A click-profile system makes it possible to quickly change the poster.


This is a light panel made of transparent acrylic, on which the text or image is engraved. It is highlighted from the end by an LED strip mounted in an aluminum profile: from above, from below, on two sides, or on all four. The frameless system distinguishes acrylic from framelight and creates a feeling of weightlessness.

At the ends and contours of the engraving, the impression of an iridescent “neon” glow appears. You can change the color and rhythm of lighting with the controller and create a dynamic action on the panel.

LED Light channel letters

LED backlighting allows you to create innovative varieties of letters with changing lighting effects. The text can flash, turn on and off, and change color sharply or gradually. Such a “performance” attracts much more attention than static advertising.

LED Ticker

The text is displayed on an LED electronic board. Words move and phrases become sentences that can be read by observers. Changing letters are fascinating, but more impressive effects exist like using simple graphics, or an unusually unfolding inscription.

Where is the LED creeping line applied?

A running line is placed on the facade. However, this is not a static sign as it contains changing information like promotions, new items, and bonus events.

Such a board can be inside, and on public transport. Common information recorded on a scoreboard with a running line include the exact time, air temperature, name of the next stop, schedule of arrival of transport. On the street, the information board maintains a temperature range from -40°C to -40°C. The effects of a running line include:

  • text movement down, up, to the side,
  • dynamic font change,
  • resizing letters,
  • dashed or dotted letters,
  • speed adjustment,
  • curtains and pauses, and
  • added graphics.

Creeping line control

Management occurs in various ways, but each can easily be mastered by the customer:

  • Through a local network that is connected to another similar device.
  • From the IBM keyboard.
  • Via a PC connected to a USB port with an appropriate device.
  • Via the Bluetooth Cellular Channel.

The undeniable advantage of the running line is that there is no need to spend money on printing. Why print material that will soon lose relevance? It’s enough just to change the information on the sign.

Adaptation to exterior residences

When the LED display is used in outdoor advertising, measures are taken against the negative effects of atmospheric phenomena. For this purpose, cases protecting against dust and moisture, gluing of printed circuit boards, thermal insulation and ventilation are used. Another difficult phenomenon is the sun’s rays, which reduce the contrast by illuminating the characters. Use of the brightest LEDs helps with this.

Are LED signs worth it?

In addition to the commercial component, LED advertising is beneficial in terms of cost savings. The energy consumption of a medium sized LED sign is 0.1 kW / h. This will amount to 72 kW per month – the same amount is consumed in one day by a neon sign that consumes 3 kW / h. In a month, energy consumption will reach 2160 kW, and is about $100.

The content of the LED sign costs about $3 per month. Because of this, many owners of obsolete neon and luminescent signs resort to modernizing their advertising to an LED analogue. The durability of LEDs is a guarantee that investment in advertising will more than pay off.

Innovation of LED signage

As everyone knows, only a well-thought-out advertising campaign will convey to the consumer information about the product or service and make the brand recognizable. LED advertising is the same associative anchor thrown into the memory of a potential consumer.

The popularity of LEDs is growing rapidly among customers of signboards, light boxes, three-dimensional letters, and window dressing. LEDs occupy a huge segment of the market and thereby crowd out neon advertising and neon lighting. There are reasons for this! One of the main reasons, of course, is the service life as LEDs can last up to 12 years under favorable conditions. Further, a brighter, monophonic glow inevitably sets off LED signs against the background of an abundance of outdoor advertising. The price should also be emphasized – in recent years there have been practically no significant differences in the price of LEDs and neon signs! Also, low power consumption is important in the case (especially in shopping centers) when limited current power (consumption) is allocated for outdoor advertising.

Now we are actively offering our customers to switch to LED signs. Many customers themselves focus on this. Even with an inexperienced eye, you can see the difference between neon lights and LEDs.

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