Led Neon Signs

Led Neon Signs

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Neon Signs – what is it

Flexible LED neon is an LED strip in a shell, a pipe made of matte silicone or PVC, the glow of which is evenly distributed over the entire surface, and the matte shell acts as a diffuser through which the LED housings are not visible. The glow can be either monochrome or multi-colored. Wires, cords and cables made of flexible LED neon are easily bent and do not overheat, the standard operating temperature is from -40 to +50 degrees.

Currently, modern versions using LED technology are becoming increasingly popular, which, in addition to emitting high-quality light of any color, is also characterized by energy efficiency. So this is not only an opportunity to make a fantastic and unique illuminated advertisement, but also a real opportunity to reduce electricity bills.

LED neon signs are a great alternative to traditional advertising media. Their advantage over the gas version is the energy efficiency, durability, reliability and wider application. The main role of neon advertising, based on LED technology, is to attract the attention of a passerby and make him read the inscription. This procedure is aimed at promoting a brand that is no longer known and begins to be stored in the memory of a mass audience. An additional advantage of neon advertising made using LED technology is the aforementioned energy savings, which leads to lower marketing costs.

Neon Signs – what are they used for?

The neon sign in the LED version is almost impossible not to notice. This is one of the most visible and attractive marketing solutions. Their modern character and high aesthetic indicators contribute to the formation of a positive image of the company in the minds of consumers. The production of neon advertising is mainly aimed at achieving the best effect in terms of attracting attention. This guarantees the best efficiency of this form of marketing, and consequently, the satisfaction of the company, which decided to buy non-standard neon signs.

Neon is one of the most popular methods of external marketing.

Light-emitting diode (LED) neons are actively used by entrepreneurs in all countries of the world for many years. Each of us sees this type of advertising almost every day, which is an indisputable evidence of popularity. The neon sign is used by the vast majority of organizations, so it is impossible not to find them even in small cities. Neon signs are a solution that catches your eye and attracts attention even at a great distance. Resistance to atmospheric factors additionally stimulates their use in the open air.

LED neon sign has been successfully used for both exterior and interior.

A sign from a flexible LED cord can also be used as an internal carrier, that is, placed inside a building. One of the places where this solution is the most common is the various types of shops, restaurants, cafes, clubs, tanning salons, salons and many other establishments. Thus, flexible neon signs can be successfully used for both outdoor and indoor advertising. It is important that they are correctly positioned, contribute to an easy perception of information, and also match the style of the place.

An appropriate location in shaded open areas or against a contrasting background, and also away from additional light sources, will make the LED neon signs clearly visible. The LED sign can be used not only in places that work mainly at night, but also during the day, taking into account all the nuances that will affect its visibility and, therefore, improve conversion, that is, the achievement of specific marketing goals: attracting an audience, selling, buying, increasing loyalty to the product, service, strengthening the image of the company, etc.

High-quality LED neon advertising forms a positive attitude to the brand and services of the company.

All these advantages make neon signs extremely effective for promoting the company’s goods and services, and also become a good start to create a positive brand image in the minds of potential customers. Modern advertising products with neon lamps made of flexible neon or glass tubes certainly differ from the original ones, some can even be attributed to small works of art that admire their aesthetic forms.

Neon Signs: Benefits

A soft glow that helps the neon design fit neatly into the environment. Other light sources are sharper in terms of the luminous flux that hurts the eyes, and this leads to the unwillingness of the human eye to perceive too bright light.

Neon Signs have a long service life. This moment is inherent in features of neon technology. Designs using neon technology do not lose their original properties for a long time.

Uniformed distribution of light flux. Again, this is possible, thanks to the features of neon technology, which allows you to create objects with a uniform glow surface.

Noiselessness. Neon Signs do not buzz, do not make noise, which can not be said about powerful light structures, for the operation of which it is necessary to provide a high-voltage source. This moment is very important, since often Neon Signs are installed on the first floors of buildings, where residential apartments are located higher on the floors. Since light structures begin to work at night, it is important that they do not interfere with the residents of the building.

Low temperature of work. This feature allows for high fire safety. The design can be mounted anywhere.

Wide design opportunities. With the help of neon lamps, you can create a spectacular advertisement that will attract the attention of anyone who sees it. Here, of course, a lot depends on the design features. If the design idea is distinguished by originality, special details, and the corporate identity of the business for which the neon advertisement is being made is not forgotten, then we can guarantee that we will get an effective design that can attract new customers.

Features of Neon Signs

Neon Signs have some features that you need to be aware of.

  • Neon designs are made of glass, and it is very simple to break. To avoid such a problem, in the manufacture of Neon Signs, craftsmen use decorative overlays that protect the glass from damage.
  • These designs can have many wires. They are easy to put into the wall or cover them so that the wires are not visible.
  • It is better to order Neon Signs from professional craftsmen who can perform high-quality manufacturing, which will ensure safety and a long service life.

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