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coroplast signs

How much Coroplast Signs in Vancouver cost?

Average market cost of Coroplast Signs in Vancouver
(1 side/full colour printing/4mm Coroplast)

ViewPrice Coroplast Signs without laminatedPrice Coroplast Signs with laminated
6”x24” coroplast signs12,81 CAD23,30 CAD
12”x12” coroplast signs12,81 CAD23,30 CAD
12”x16” coroplast signs13,54 CAD24,00 CAD
12”x18” coroplast signs14,28 CAD24,78 CAD
12”x24” coroplast signs14,91 CAD30,66 CAD
16”x24” coroplast signs15,33 CAD31,30 CAD
18”x24” coroplast signs15,75 CAD31,50 CAD
18”x27” coroplast signs17,32 CAD33,10 CAD
24”x24” coroplast signs24,57 CAD45,60 CAD
24”x32” coroplast signs26,88 CAD47,90 CAD
24”x36” coroplast signs33,39 CAD54,40 CAD
24”x48” coroplast signs41,58 CAD67,80 CAD
36”x48” coroplast signs52,50 CAD78,70 CAD
48”x48” coroplast signs60,00 CAD86,20 CAD
36”x72” coroplast signs67,20 CAD98,70 CAD
36”x96” coroplast signs74,60 CAD106,20 CAD
48”x72” coroplast signs81,90 CAD123,90 CAD
48”x96” coroplast signs89,30 CAD126,10 CAD

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Our prices — the lowest prices for Coroplast Signs
(1 side/full colour printing/4mm Coroplast)

ViewPrice Coroplast Signs without laminatedPrice Coroplast Signs with laminated
6”x24” coroplast signs9,80 CAD17,80 CAD
12”x12” coroplast signs9,80 CAD17,80 CAD
12”x16” coroplast signs10,30 CAD18,30 CAD
12”x18” coroplast signs10,90 CAD18,90 CAD
12”x24” coroplast signs11,40 CAD23,40 CAD
16”x24” coroplast signs11,70 CAD23,70 CAD
18”x24” coroplast signs12,00 CAD24,00 CAD
18”x27” coroplast signs13,20 CAD25,20 CAD
24”x24” coroplast signs18,70 CAD34,70 CAD
24”x32” coroplast signs18,90 CAD36,50 CAD
24”x36” coroplast signs25,40 CAD41,40 CAD
24”x48” coroplast signs31,70 CAD51,70 CAD
36”x48” coroplast signs40,00 CAD60,00 CAD
48”x48” coroplast signs37,10 CAD65,70 CAD
36”x72” coroplast signs51,20 CAD75,20 CAD
36”x96” coroplast signs56,90 CAD80,90 CAD
48”x72” coroplast signs62,40 CAD94,40 CAD
48”x96” coroplast signs68,80 CAD96,10 CAD

Coroplast signs: What are they?

coroplast signsCoroplast is a material known for the manufacture of signage. It is often called corrugated plastic due to its design features. Another name is plastic cardboard. Why is it compared to cardboard? Not because paper was used in its production. The structure of coroplast sheets is similar to the structure of cardboard sheets. The presence of corrugation gives rigidity to both materials. Only coroplast is made of durable plastic (polypropylene), so its degree of strength is higher than that of cardboard. The same example — polypropylene does not deteriorate in wet conditions, which can not be said about cardboard.

So, plastic corrugated signs are made from coroplast — polypropylene. And what is polypropylene? This is a thermoplastic polymer whose main property is stability. It is great for making outdoor advertising, since it does not change its properties in conditions of heat, cold, and moisture. This material is not only mechanically stable, it is also chemically stable. Therefore, in the manufacture of coroplast polypropylene is often mixed with additives that provide the finished material:

  • Fire resistance;
  • Protection against UV rays;
  • Static resistance;
  • Bright, rich and different colours.

Where is corrugated plastic used?

coroplast signsCorrugated plastic is used for the production of various products, but it is especially attractive for outdoor advertising manufacturers. These are coroplast yard signs and other signs: signs with different information, parking signs, etc. In addition to the production of outdoor advertising, the material is used for the manufacture of packaging — often plastic cardboard can be seen in the form of packaging of mail with couriers. It is used for the manufacture of mailboxes — they are light and durable, inexpensive, and serve for a long time. These are just a few examples when coroplast is selected for the production of some other products besides outdoor advertising products.

Corrugated plastic used for the manufacture of menu boards. Cafes and bars very often order menu boards made from this material. Plates are made from it, indicating the direction to certain objects, to places to which you need to specify a route. Without pointers, people cannot find a specific place, so you have to install such signs. Coroplast signs are in high demand among politicians. When they run for election, they install corrugated boards to inform the public about future activities for their political plans. The city authorities also often use plastic cardboard information boards to inform the public about the activities carried out by the authorities and various events.

One-sided and two-sided signs

Signs that are made of corrugated cardboard can be one-sided. As an example, take coroplast lawn signs. That is, only one side contains information or advertising. Printing is done on one side. This is a cheaper product than a double-sided sign. But it is believed that a double-sided sign is more effective.
What to do, what to order?

In this case, we advise you to focus on the type of product, as well as on the features of the place where it will be placed. If the structure will be installed on the sidewalk, it is desirable that from different sides it would be possible to see the information for the dissemination of which it was made. In another case, when the sign is installed on the land near the house that is for sale, one side of it will be constantly facing the house being sold. Potential buyers will see only one side of it. It is logical to assume that in such a situation there is absolutely no need to order a double-sided sign.

Coroplast signs near me: material benefits

coroplast signsWhy is coroplast so popular among manufacturers of various products, including outdoor advertising? This is facilitated by the characteristics of the material — coroplast. These include:

  • Versatility — the material is used in various industrial fields. Why? Because coroplast is an excellent combination of lightweight, flexible and at the same time durable material.
  • Durability — products made from such material are able to stay outdoors for a long time. It will take a long time before you notice signs of aging. By the way, coroplast does not attract insects, as well as rodents. This is very important, since these representatives of the living world constantly create problems and spoil people’s property.
  • Availability because it is inexpensive material. This feature has already been noted in the outdoor advertising market. You can even make large coroplast signs and still the price will be affordable, in comparison with other materials, with the same metal or wood.
  • Lightweight — this moment contributes to the fact that products made of such material are easy to transport, assemble, install, fold, etc.
  • Sufficient flexibility. If necessary, you can make a hole in the corrugated plastic, if you have the proper tools, this can be done easily.

Based on the predominant characteristics of corrugated plastic, it is possible to draw a logical conclusion on the merits of custom coroplast signs.

The material can be used for the production of various signs. If you need an advertising sign, then it can be a product that will advertise any type of business. Entrepreneurs from various fields of activity can order outdoor advertising from plastic cardboard.

Long service life — this advantage is inherent in corrugated plastic signs. This is an advantage for customers of advertising structures. Because you don’t have to spend extra money in the near future in order to order a new advertising design.

From corrugated material inexpensive signboards are obtained. As we have already noted above, even if the signboards are large, the cost will still be much more profitable than when making sign boards from other materials.

coroplast signsLight products are made from coroplast. And again, this is an important advantage of finished products made of plastic cardboard. No team of workers is required to install a sign or change its location. It will not be necessary to attract a team of loaders to move it from one place to another place.

The production of plastic corrugated signs does not create problems if it is necessary to ensure their easy fixing in the future. This is facilitated by the flexibility of the material. However, it is important to remember that when making the same holes, additional materials must be used to prevent further damage to the product at the holes.

Custom coroplast signs: FAQ

We use corrugated plastic for the manufacture of various advertising structures. Our customers often ask different questions. We will answer the most popular of them.

Question: How long do custom corrugated plastic signs last?

Answer: Due to the peculiarities of the material itself, of which advertising structures are made, signs
serve their purpose for a long time. But you should consider the quality of production. If low-quality additional materials, for example, fasteners or paints, were used in their manufacture, then signs from corrugated plastic will lose their original properties attractive to customers. Yes, plastic cardboard itself lasts a long time. But a poorly made sign from it will look after some time very unpresentable.

Question: How is coroplast signs printing performed?

Answer: Corrugated plastic is an excellent printing material. Alternatively, text or pictures are printed in acrylic, then applied to the material. Very often, plastic cardboard is white. In combination with the colour of the applied information, a very effective sign is obtained as a result. But you can order a sign from a material of a different colour. Coroplast is now available in a wide variety of colours.

Question: is Coroplast recyclable?

Answer: Yes, 100 percent. It is fully recyclable. From the material obtained after processing, various plastic products are made that we use in everyday life. It is important to remember that corrugated plastic is not biodegradable. Therefore, we do not recommend simply throwing it away. At the end of the service life of the sign, we recommend that it be recycled or used for other purposes.

coroplast signsQuestion: Can custom corrugated signs be considered environmentally friendly?

Answer: Yes, because they are made of environmentally friendly material. Plastic cardboard is not toxic. It does not emit harmful substances into the air under the influence of a wide range of ambient temperatures. Some types of plastic can release harmful substances, but this does not apply to coroplast. It is considered one of the safest materials. The reason for this is its high degree of heat resistance.

Question: How can I fix coroplast signs custom corrugated plastic signs with grommets?

Answer: In different ways. It can be hooks. To do this, holes are made in the sign. The holes are formed with elements that cover uneven places of the cut and do not allow the material to deteriorate at the place of the cut. Using these holes, the sign can be hung on a hook or secured using another fastener.

Question: What thickness of corrugated plastic is used to make signs?

Answer: The thickness of the material used may vary. The result may be 10mm coroplast signs or products of a different thickness. It all depends on the thickness of the material that is selected for production. In the production, the features of the conditions for the future operation of the sign are always taken into account. And already taking into account these conditions, we suggest choosing a material of one or another thickness.

Question: What signs are made of plastic cardboard?

Answer: The most different. These can be A-shaped structures that can be folded. These can be coroplast lawn signs, which are installed directly in the ground using stakes. Such material is used not only for outdoor advertising. As we noted above, various information plates are made from corrugated plastic.

Question: What sizes of products can be ordered from corrugated plastic?

coroplast signsAnswer: Plastic cardboard products can be made in different sizes. It can be 18×24 coroplast signs. They are medium sized products. Larger products — 24×36 coroplast signs. These dimensional parameters are the most popular in the field of outdoor advertising production from corrugated plastic. It is possible to make designs of other sizes. It all depends on the wishes of the customer, on the conditions for the further operation of the sign, as well as the capabilities of the manufacturer of promotional items.

Question: Does the thickness of corrugated plastic affect the strength of the finished product?

Answer: Yes, the thicker the plastic cardboard, the stronger it is. For example, 4mm coroplast signs will be less durable than from 10-18mm material. But you should consider the place of the future location of the sign. If the sign will be used indoors, then you do not need to overpay and order products from thicker corrugated plastic. With an advertising or information function, the product will also cope from a less thick material.

What affects the price?

How much do corrugated plastic products cost? Is it possible to order high-quality, but cheap coroplast signs?

The cost of plastic cardboard signage varies. It may be smaller or larger. The final price is affected by size.

In addition, the final price is affected, advertising information is applied to one or two sides. Another influencing factor — the cost of finished products may be less if you order not one, but for example, 5-10 products at once.

If you want to order corrugated signs cheap, but high quality, we are ready to fulfill your order at a discount. With us you will order corrugated plastic constructions 25% cheaper than when choosing another offer in the market of outdoor advertising production services.

We have been manufacturing signage for many years. Various products are ordered from us: outdoor advertising, information signs, products for decoration during events and much more. Our customers have already appreciated the possibilities of corrugated plastic. We offer you the opportunity to order products from plastic cardboard, which will allow you to save on the production of a strong, reliable, durable and beautiful sign.

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