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Channel letters are one of the most popular and sought-after types of outdoor advertising. Such advertising structures not only attract the attention of potential customers and partners, but also favorably emphasize the image and status of the enterprise or company.

Signs consisting of separate volume letters or company logos can be seen at almost every step. They are placed on the facades and roofs of buildings, on the walls of office premises and trading floors. Channel light letters are widely used for advertising in the facades of shopping centers, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, banks and many other enterprises and institutions.

Currently, there are a huge variety of different technologies and materials used to make this type of outdoor advertising. Signs, consisting of channel letters, can be either light or non-light, volumetric or flat, made of plastic, metal and other materials, be completely different in size and shape.

An important quality of volume letters is the possibility of their free combination with other types of outdoor advertising. So, for example, light letters can be installed not only directly on the wall of a building or on flat non-light panels, but also on light boxes or light panel brackets. In this case, a multi-layer volume sign will enhance the visual effect and look great on the facade or roof of the building. Volumetric light letters can have a static glow, but also various light-dynamic effects, which are achieved using a special controller.

The production of volumetric light letters is a complicated and labor-intensive process that requires certain skills and knowledge of technologies, methods of application, and processing certain materials. With our years of experience in manufacturing three-dimensional letters we can help you navigate the variety of materials and methods of their manufacture, select the best option in terms of quality and price, and realize any design idea.

Light volume letters can conditionally be divided into several types depending on the manufacturing technology:

1. Channel light letters with front lighting (with internal illumination)

Letters with internal lighting are perhaps the most common technology for manufacturing volumetric light letters. The front surface of the letters is made of light-transmitting materials. Usually, milk acrylic glass glued with translucent vinyl films or colored acrylic glass is used for this. In the manufacture of letters of large dimensions (usually more than 2-3 meters high), the front surface is made of a translucent banner (vinyl fabric), which is applied on full-color printing or vinyl film.

As the illumination of the front surface, LED modules or gas-light (neon) tubes are used. The side surfaces of such letters, depending on their size, are made of plastic PVC, aluminum or stainless steel. The sides of the channel letters can be glued with vinyl film or powder coated (aluminum or stainless steel). If you use light-transmitting material (acrylic glass) for the manufacture of the side parts of letters, then they will also glow in the dark, creating an additional visual effect. Materials for the back wall are PVC plastic, aluminum composite material, or aluminum.

2. Channel light letters with backlighting (with the effect of backlighting)

The contrast effect is a luminous halo around letters, reflected on the wall or panel on which the letters are mounted. The front and side surfaces of such letters are made of non-transparent materials while transparent acrylic is used for the back wall.

A light source is installed inside the letters, which can be LED modules or neon tubes. The color of the backlight glow can be absolutely any. The letters are not closely attached to the wall closely and are held in place by remote holders. The length of the remote holders affects the clarity of the halo created and its intensity.

The front and side surfaces of channel letters are most often made of stainless steel that comes in silver or gold, which is achieved by coating the letters with titanium nitride. The letters can also be matte or glossy (mirror). Stainless steel letters can be painted in any color according to the RAL palette using a powder method.

Stainless steel letters with backlighting not only look spectacular and “expensive” on any facade or interior, they emphasize the status and personality of the owner of the advertising structure, and are strong and durable.

A more low-cost version of letters with the effect of a counter-glow is achieved using PVC plastic for the manufacture of front and side surfaces of letters. Plastic is pasted over with colored vinyl films.

3. Channel light letters with combined illumination

Combined illumination of letters is achieved by integrating various technologies for the front, side or backlight glow.

4. Channel light letters with open neon

Channeletters made using the technology “open neon” do not have a front surface. Such letters can be made with or without sidewalls. The side surfaces are made of PVC glued with a vinyl film or aluminum plastic that is powder coated. Materials for the back of the letter are PVC plastic, aluminum composite material, aluminum.

Open neon tubes are installed on the back, repeating the outline of the letter, in one or more threads, depending on the size of the letters. Any color can be used for the glow of neon tubes and their configurations. Most often, letters with open neon are used in the manufacture of signboards for entertainment venues or for large letters on roof installations, since the bright open glow allows you to achieve maximum visual effect, contrast, and saturation.

Non-illuminated letters that are flat or three-dimensional are used in interior signs and on trading floors to decorate points of sale. If non-light letters are used for outdoor advertising structures, then they are usually installed on light boxes or light panel brackets. Flat non-light letters can be cut out on a milling or laser machine from a wide variety of materials, such as acrylic glass or PVC from 1 to 20 mm thick, stainless steel, polystyrene foam, wood, etc.

Volumetric non-light letters are made of the same materials as light volume letters: plastics, acrylic glass and stainless steel. Non-light channel letters can be completely different in height, thickness, configuration and color. They can be installed close to a wall or on remote holders.


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