Car Magnetic signs

Car Magnetic signs

Magnetic signs for cars – cheaper than anywhere else! Do you want to save up to 25% when ordering magnetic signs for cars? We produce cheap but quality magnetic signs for cars. With Quarter Cheaper Signs, you can save up to a quarter of average market Metro Vancouver prices!

Car Magnetic signs: what is it?

Magnetic signs are your excellent chance to make a huge impression at a very low cost. Thousands and tens of thousands of potential buyers will see your brand in just one day, simply during your journey from work to home. By placing a magnetic sign on your van or truck, you will turn your vehicle into an efficient mobile billboard. Magnetic car signs mean you can advertise wherever you go. Magnetic car signs are the most effective and easiest way to advertise. The main advantage of magnetic stickers is their mobility. It doesn’t matter whether you have a large or a small company, and it doesn’t matter what you advertise: goods, services or promotions. Or maybe you are just a creative person and want to decorate your car. In just a few seconds, you can turn your vehicle into a bright, original, rental advertising tool. Car magnets help spread the word and memory of you wherever you go or park. Traditionally, magnetic signs for vehicles are made on the basis of a special magnetic tape that is firmly attached to the body of your car and can also be easily removed. High-quality vinyl is glued onto the magnetic tape, which has an additional lamination on top with a high-quality laminating film – to provide protection from external damage and achieve a long service life.

Purpose of use – more

Car Magnetic signs are used not only for advertising, which, by the way, is very effective and allows you to achieve good results. All of us have seen such stickers – with their help a particular product or service is being promoted. The car in this case becomes a mobile advertising platform. As we have said, with the help of Car Magnetic signs, it is easy to advertise a small business, for example, an owner of a business who provides plumbing services. The owner orders a sticker with the information he needs, then attaches it to his personal car – that’s all! The rest is a matter of time! Car Magnetic signs is a common decoration option, and not only for corporate purposes, when the sticker shows the logo and contact details of the company. Often, stickers are ordered to decorate a car for an event. It can even be a private event, for example, a wedding. With these stickers, you can decorate any car, even a very expensive one. High-quality products do not spoil the paintwork of the car body.

Car Magnetic signs – views

Depending on the purpose of use, Car Magnetic signs may be:

  • Corporate – are used for placement on official vehicles owned by a particular company, as well as on vehicles that use television channels for their activities, as well as public organizations.
  • Used by security agencies – Car Magnetic signs are attached to company cars and, as a rule, contain a short name of the security organization, as well as a logo, you can often see contact details.
  • Temporary options that contain information about where and when an event will be held, for example, an exhibition or a conference.
  • Promotional Car Magnetic signs – these are products that are mounted on cars in order to advertise a hotel, taxi service, rental services, etc.

Car magnet with logo – unlimited possibilities

If you use your vehicle for other things besides for work, like personal purposes, then magnetic stickers are the best advertising solution. The magnetic sticker is always on board. After work, you can remove it with one swift movement and set off on your personal affairs. Attach a magnet to the door of a car, truck or van and wherever you go, your ad will always be in sight! We can provide incredibly beautiful and bright magnets that will make people turn their attention to your car.

Car Magnetic signs – Benefits

Car Magnetic signs can be used several times. These products do not require special installation and removal. It is easy to detach them from the metallic car body, while during the movement of the car, they do not get spontaneously removed. If you want to change the location of Car Magnetic signs, this is easy to do precisely because of the simple removal and attachment. This feature can be effectively applied in practice when a person uses a personal car for corporate purposes. During operation, the sticker is mounted on a personal car, and after hours, it is removed. Simple installation is not done by any special fastening or glue, which almost always damages the paintwork of a car body. During installation and removal, the sticker does not leave any visible traces, which is important because the body of the car is used for fastening. These stickers can be used at different times of the year and are not affected of even frosts! In addition, they serve for a very long time, can tolerate moisture and do not lose their color when exposed to sunlight. Another advantage of magnetic signs is their cost-effectiveness and affordability. Small and medium-sized businesses may not have the financial luxury of producing large-scale advertising, hiring large billboards to be placed at strategic points, or digital marketing campaigns. As a bonus, our advertising agency provides quantity discounts. For example, you can order two magnets to equip each side of your car, and manufacturing will cost you less.

Car Magnets – Maximum Use

Our team will help you think through the best and most effective design. The brightness and creativity of advertising even depends on the color of your car. The text should be large, visible, and readable. Even in motion, magnets should clearly display your message, logo, and contact information. After all, your professional image depends on this. Advertising magnet for a car – application guide

  • First, clean the surface of the car of dirt,
  • Dry the area where the magnet will be placed,
  • Apply the magnet to an area without dents or bulges, and
  • Remember to remove the magnet before washing the car or if it is not in use.

Are you ready for magnetic car stickers to quickly and easily turn your car into effective advertising? Any business should use all available means to reach its audience, convey its message, sell its products and services, and stay visible for as long as possible. Take advantage of our quantity discounts and order a few magnetic stickers to equip each side of your vehicle. Our car magnets are the perfect solution for your advertising needs when you’re on the go! Our company will make any magnetic sign for your vehicles a quarter or 25% cheaper than market prices! If you did not find what you need in the list of our products, ask us a question and we will try to do what you need. Without changing our basic principle – it will be 25% cheaper than the market average!

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