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It is no secret that one of the most important elements supporting the general thematic style and image of any catering organization is a sign. A lot depends on the quality of its design and implementation, so the requirements for such structures are high. If we talk about creating a signboard for a bar, whether it is sushi, a cafe-bar or a sports bar, then it is necessary to include four important factors:

  • Obviously, a sign is exactly what potential visitors encounter by simply passing by, and the first task for this design as a means of advertising (or a means of increasing the profitability of an institution) is to attract attention. The uniqueness of the sign lies in the fact that it is often the only thing that determines whether a potential buyer decides whether to go for a glass of beer or food or not.
  • Informational content. When the design attracts the attention of a potential client, they must recognize that the message addressed to them and if they can, they will visit as soon as they see it or make a mental note to return at a later time and/or tell friends about it. Of course, it is not easy to achieve such an effect with a bar sign alone, but the general task is to stimulate a potential client to search for further information, and, of course, to create the desire to visit an institution.
  • Since a potential customer will spend seconds glancing at a sign, its task (local goal) is to provide immediate information about the type and level of the establishment. For example, in the case of a sushi bar, the design should have a number of “eastern” features, to clarify what exactly is on offer. It should be noted that it is currently relevant to place light hieroglyphs and other elements from neon tubes. In the case of a sports bar, then information on varieties and alcoholic beverages should be provided first.
  • A parameter that can be called “active work time” is the time of day when the sign is most effective as a means of outdoor advertising. As a rule, bar signs are most relevant at night, so it is imperative to take into account the brightness level and the type of glow when developing a design for this type of institution.

When solving these problems, you should also not forget about the requirements governing the order and location of such structures.

What is the best way to create a sign?

At the moment, neon structures are the most relevant and in demand, despite the complexity of their operation and production. This is not only because they create the necessary “sincere” atmosphere for a beer or karaoke establishment, but also because of the requirements for placement of structures. As practice has shown, only a neon sign looks attractive in a shop window.

LED signs are still used for bars and with constant technical progress it seemed that LED signs would completely displace all other types of structures due to the relatively low power consumption characteristics at high brightness and their long service life. However, this did not happen because LEDs are excellent for placement inside a three-dimensional letter, and they do not have the so-called “analogue soul” of neon or lamps. Therefore, many beer and karaoke establishments mostly still use neon, though LED constructions (bright flashing open LEDs are especially relevant) are often used to create signboards for sushi bars or sports bars.

Where to start if you’re ready to buy a sign?

First of all, we recommend starting with a general study of what our similar businesses do and then work on the manufacture of not only interior designs, but also advertising and informational messages. Then all the elements will be made in the same style. For example, quite often a client ordering a bar sign additionally works on decorative neon lamps, lavatory icons, etc. In any case, we recommend that you begin by creating a layout, freehand drawing, or an example of what you like.

Objectively, in order to create a high-quality working sign, whether it is a sushi, sports or beer bar, you need to attach, as they say, a “hand”. Our experts are always ready to advise, and our designers can prepare the layout of the signboard of your bar, or make a projections on a photo, which will allow you to see how it will look “in place”, and, if necessary, change or adjust the advertising idea, ensuring its implementation in the best way.


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