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A-frame sandwich signboards and board sandwiches have been widely used for a long time. Usually, they are located next to small shops or a little further away in the case of shopping centers to attract the people flow of the point of sale. A-frame signboards and sandwich boards also work well in offices and pharmacies. It is important that a-frame boards can be located both inside and outside the room. Very often, such signs are equipped with plastic handles for easy carrying.

Most often, they are installed near the entrance to the business location in order to attract potential customers due to their low price and ease of maintenance. In addition, they are compact and can be easily moved to another place. Before changing your image, you do not need to fully order a new a-frame sign. It is much more preferable to install a new layer of vinyl film with the necessary image on the a-frame, which you already have. This is very convenient if you need to constantly change the information on the sandwich board. For example, fast food restaurants need to update the cost of their dishes at least every month. A sandwich board is an ideal solution for this task.

Metal a-frame signs

If you need a design that will last for years and at the same time do not want to overpay a metal sign for it, an a-frame is what you and your company need.
At any time, you can easily replace the inner plate with the inscriptions and the image. And the metal frame into which this plate is inserted will allow you to save information about your company in excellent form. The methods of attaching and inserting the image into the A-frame sign may vary slightly depending on the model you have chosen. The design means, first of all, that with a careful attitude, these signs can easily withstand many years of operation in the open air and without any harm. If your area often has strong winds, we suggest you use a springer metal frame. It will allow your sign to swing in the wind, while its base will remain in place. You do not have to go outside and deal with the overturned sign.

Plastic A-Frame Signs

For those of our customers who need maximum mobility along with durability and ease of changing images, we can offer plastic A-Frame signs. They are easy to carry, easy to carry and very easy to install. Real Estate specialists who often have to carry signs and install them for just one day usually choose A-Frame signs from coroplast. They can be worn by the handle when folding the signboard while carrying images inward. This procedure completely prevents image damage during transport. In addition, such signs when folded are very compact and their thickness is not more than 1 inch.
On all our plastic a-frame signs, changing the image does not present any problems. All our signboards are made of high quality material that can withstand years of use without discoloration, cracks or dents.
For installation in windy areas, there is a special A-Frame sign with a hollow plastic frame. You can pour water into it or fill sand, thereby ensuring its increased wind resistance. In addition, for wind conditions, we are also pleased to offer flat spring-loaded signs that have a full base. Such a base can also be filled with sand or water so that they can withstand the wind.



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